Seated, Not Standing, with the New Octane xR6 Elliptical


As a regular elliptical user, I wasn’t sure what I thought when Octane Fitness, a leader in elliptical cross-trainers came out with the X-Ride…..but I quickly became a believer. The X-Ride fits into a whole new category of exercise, the seated elliptical. The first of its kind, the Octane XR6 offers awesome low-impact exercise, and all the benefits of total body exercise, while in a seated position. The design of the X-Ride offers a very comfortable seated workout position yet my first impression was that this elliptical might be better for someone a little older or less conditioned than myself (and I’m no spring chicken!),

While the X-Ride is definitely easy on the joints and thus ideal for someone like me, who finds it difficult to put in a lot of miles on the road or the treadmill due to knees that have taken a beating for too many years, that in no way takes away from the fantastic upper and lower body workout that can be gotten by individuals of any age or fitness ability on this machine. The XR6 offers awesome cross-training for runners or people who really prefer a low impact workout. The  seat is adjustable so it fits people of any size and weight, and also can be positioned to really give my glutes a workout!

The design is great, but it’s the programming that I really got excited about. The Muscle Endurance Program acts like a personal trainer that prompts you to cross train with random commands to push and pull with your arms, pedal fast, go in reverse, use a different grip and more. This program keeps me motivated and really gives me a full body workout I can also do strength intervals of 15 reps during the workout, with the Chest Press and Leg Press programs. These programs along with the more standard Fat Burning, Interval and Heart Rate Programs make the X-Ride so versatile that it challenges individuals of any age and fitness level. It is really the best piece of cardio equipment that I have found to get a fantastic cardio workout with some very good strength training at the same time. With time being a valuable commodity for me, being able to do strength and cardio at the same time is fantastic!

The footprint is smaller than a treadmill and most other ellipticals, and it is amazingly quiet which is allows me to have the X-Ride in the family room and not disturb my husband while I work out. Octane has now come out with the XR4 which has a smaller footprint than the XR6, and fewer programs at a more economical price point, but in my opinion the size and programming of the XR6 is well worth the extra investment!

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