Balance Training Exercises


Developing good balance is essential when you’re training, and it positively impacts your everyday life as well. However, it’s an area often overlooked and ignored by fitness enthusiasts and sometimes even trainers. Join ACE Exercise Physiologist, Fabio Comana, as he explains the important role balance plays in enhancing your performance and how you can seamlessly integrate balance exercises into your workout regimen along with adding variables to increase the challenge.

Modern Movement M-Board Exercise Demos


This Modern Movement M-Board demo shows eight different movements, plus variations. Integrate them into your workout to improve your balance. It can also help with learning new balance sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding.

Movements include: Static Balance, Side to Side, Toe Side Turns, Heel Side Turns, Give & Go, Tuck, Squats, and Plank Shifts.

M-Board Workout Fundamentals

This is a 10 minute workout with commentary, explaining each M-Board movement. It is an introduction to the M-Board balance board, and it uses beginner level exercises combining balance and movement. Keith uses the Balance Stand for stability, but you can do the same workout without the stand. Once you’re comfortable with this workout, progress to the Level 2 and Level 3 workouts.

M-Board Workout Level 2

This 12 minute M-Board balance workout provides a progression of more challenging balance training moves, including side to side, heel-side and toe-side turns.

M-Board Workout Level 3

This 16 minute M-Board balance workout is the most advanced of the three current workout videos. Like the others it combines balance and movement, while providing a strength-building and cardio workout. Expect it to take several sessions before you master some of the moves. Feel free to use a Balance Stand for support if you need it.

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HealthStyles Introduces the New 2013 Vision Fitness Equipment on Colorado and Company


HealthStyles Exercise Equipment was excited to be a part of Colorado & Company recently to present the exciting new 2013 Vision Fitness Equipment line-up.

Vision Fitness has long been a front runner in award winning equipment and innovative consoles. Now they have taken it to a whole new level with their Classic, Elegant and Touch Consoles added to their upgraded treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes.

All include the Sprint 8, a 20 minute interval program proven to get results, and some feature a touch screen and Virtual Active Programs that can take you to the mountains of Switzerland or the Canyonlands of Utah on your workout!

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*The Colorado and Company delivery and assembly offer was valid from 11/9 through 11/11/2012 for this program recorded on 11/9/2012.

Functional Trainers – the New Home Gyms


Functional Trainers are a specific style of weight stack home gym that have continued to increase in popularity over recent years. The more traditional home gym includes one or two weight stacks with fixed arms and hand grips. Functional trainers have weight stacks on their base as well, but the main difference is in the cable systems that come with different shaped handles.

These types of handles provide more options for working out, and because the cable does not have to follow a fixed plane more sports specific routines can be implemented. For instance, a golfer can hold the cable handle and simulate his or her swing. A baseball or softball player can grip the cable handle and mimic a throwing motion.

In older adults who are trying to stay active and continue to live independently, this type of functional training gym can help simulate activities of daily living such as lifting, bending over, pulling, etc. The multiple planes engage and strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen and thereby strengthen those muscles, which help keep the back and spine healthy and uninjured. There are, quite simply, hundreds of different movement possibilities for a functional trainer.

One drawback of a functional training gym is that it can be harder to use initially until the user is familiar with the variety of exercises that can be done  It is important that the shopper ask questions when contemplating buying a functional trainer, and have a fitness associate who is familiar with and can demonstrate how to use them. Once purchased, it is important that there will be continuing expertise available via the phone or in person to answer questions regarding exercises as well as proper form. A training session from a personal trainer may be time and money well spent to make the most of your versatile purchase. The exciting thing about a functional trainer is the incredible versatility that is has. How you use it and the exercises that you do can change as your needs and interests change throughout the years.

HealthStyles Exercise Equipment features a variety of functional training gyms in a variety of price points. The two most popular functional trainers with our customers are the Life Fitness G7 Functional Trainer and the Hoist V6 Functional Trainer.

Take a look at the attached videos to get an idea f how functional trainers are used and to view for yourself the differences between these home gyms.

Stop by your local HealthStyles Exercise Equipment store today to try out the variety of functional trainers or traditional home gyms that we have available!

Life Fitness G7 Functional Trainer Home Gym Video


Life Fitness is the manufacturer of the #1 brand of fitness equipment in health clubs worldwide. So you know you’re getting a high-quality product designed by the same engineers and biomechanics experts that produce our industry-leading commercial strength equipment.

It Feels Right
Some things just “feel” right. Shifting through the gears of a fine sports car. Hitting a 200-yard drive down the middle of the fairway. That’s the feeling you get with every rep on a Life Fitness G7 Home Gym. Smooth resistance, ergonomically-enhanced design, and the integrity of the components all add up to a strength workout that’s appealing, if not addictive. And because the transition between exercises is quick and easy, a Life Fitness G7 Home Gym is a real time-saver as well.

The Perfect Fit in any Space
When it comes to home gyms, space is a premium. So you look for quality equipment that offers the most exercise variety in the least amount of space. That’s exactly what you get with Life Fitness Home Gyms —a compact footprint with all the variety of a full circuit, total-body workout. Plus, with all the optional features available, you can even add more exercise variety without having to sacrifice space for additional equipment. You get it all in one multi-functional strength machine.

Hoist V6 Personal Pulley Gym Video


The unique and stylish HOIST V6 is a personal pulley gym that is engineered with the innovative excellence that the fitness industry has come to expect from HOIST. This gym provides a complete range of functional training exercises designed to obtain maximum results and achieve a strong and versatile body. The V6 is engineered to build multiple muscle groups through smooth, rhythmic, and continuous movements that support the body as it moves through life.

Too Busy To Exercise? Try a Sprint 8 Workout!


Everyone knows how busy this time of year is. There are decorations to put up, gifts to purchase, parties and events to attend, along with the regular daily schedule of work and family responsibilities. For me, when life gets rushed and I can’t fit it all in, the first thing to go always seems to be my workout routine! The crazy thing is that this is the time when we really need the exercise routine, both to keep our life in balance, and to burn those extra calories that we may be taking in over the Holidays.

This is the time of year when remembering the Sprint 8 Workout really makes sense! If you have 20 minutes, 3 times per week, you can get a great workout in a short period of time, and experience some great benefits.

The Sprint 8 Workout, developed by exercise physiologist Phil Campbell, consists of a 3 minute warm-up followed by 8 segments of anaerobic exercise lasting 30 seconds followed by 90 seconds of active recovery, and then a cool down after the 8 segments. That 20 minutes is a short, but definitely not an easy workout! The 30 second sprints need to be so hard that you get really winded and want to stop after 10 or 15 seconds, but hang on for 30 seconds before ending the sprint.

Of course anyone beginning this type of high-intensity workout needs to do so with approval from a physician, and with a slow, progressive buildup period. Individuals beginning this workout may start out by doing only 2 or 3 sprint segments and gradually working up to the 8 segment, 20 minute workout.

At HealthStyles Exercise Equipment, we feature Vision treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals that have a pre-set Sprint 8 program built in to their programming, but Sprint 8 workouts can be also done on any other piece of cardiovascular equipment.

For more information on the benefits of the Sprint 8 Workout and the research behind it, take a look at the attached video featuring Phil Campbell.

So don’t give up your workout during this busy season, just abbreviate it to fit your life right now. A Sprint 8 workout is a great way to do this, and once you get back to a more normal workout schedule, you will want to incorporate the Sprint 8 workout as part of your overall routine as a way to add intensity and interval training to your cardio workout!

Jeanne Sheriff, owner

Healthstyles Exercise Equipment