8 Thanksgiving Dinner Foods You Can Eat More Of


It’s countdown to Turkey Day and for most Americans that means preparing and enjoying traditional favorites, including casserole, turkey, rich meats, stuffing and pie.

Considering that the average Thanksgiving meal packs about 3,000 calories and 200 plus grams of fat, you’ll likely stuff a few extra pounds on your frame too. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tracy Daly, a registered dietician and nutrition educator and counselor at the San Diego State University in San Diego, suggested that by simply eating smarter, you can still enjoy your Holiday favorites, minus the calories and fat.

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The Thanksgiving Turkey Trot – A Sheriff Family Tradition


Thanksgiving is in just a few days and this Thanksgiving morning, as has been our tradition over the past 15 years or so, Dave and I will head to our local Turkey Trot before the big meal.

We live in a small town and it is definitely a local’s event. It’s held on "The Hill", our local 9 hole golf course. Each year we bundle up as much as is necessary depending on the weather, and head to the hill with our daughters, siblings, nieces, nephews, parents and now grandchildren to participate in the 5K event. The weather and the company dictate the intensity of the race which criss-crosses the golf course often covered with new snow. I have run it with my daughters, walked it with my mother, and pushed my granddaughter in a stroller, all the while chatting with friends and neighbors who also make this a part of their Thanksgiving tradition.

It is my favorite event of the year because it’s not just a race, it’s a happening. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the Holiday, move the body, and get ready for the traditional Thanksgiving meal later in the day. Yes, there are age group and overall winners of this event, but each year as we all gather after the race for some after-race goodies and conversation, I know that we are all winners. It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this holiday that is all about gratitude. Even during these tough times, we are so lucky and so grateful – grateful for friends, for family, and for our good health that allows us to feel so alive!

This year we hope that you can find your own "Turkey Trot" to participate in (see the list of Colorado Turkey Trots below), or just take a walk around the block with family to keep the body moving!

Dave and I and the crew at HealthStyles Exercise Equipment wish you the very best Thanksgiving ever, and we thank you for your continued support.

In Health,

Jeanne Sheriff
Owner, HealthStyles Exercise Equipment

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