Friday Fit Tip: Recovery Starts Before You Exercise


Recovery starts before you exercise. If you do not recover, you don’t build a stronger, healthier body. The moment you begin to exercise your muscle proteins begin to break down even with light exercise. Reparation starts immediately by sending new proteins and building material to the site of activity, and continues its’ repairing and rebuilding for as long as 48 hours post exercise. You want to ensure your muscles have adequate nutrients to power this rebuilding. If you are able to take a pre workout supplement that has protein you will provide protein during exercise. At the very least, take a post workout protein-fortified supplement to ensure your muscles get the extra help they need over the long haul.

David Sandler is the Director of Science and Education for iSatori and the President and Owner of StrengthPro Inc. Sandler has been a strength and conditioning coach and consultant for 25 years working with some of the world’s best athletes.

Sleep, Obesity, and Exercise

by Marion Webb It wasn’t that long ago when Americans paralleled professional success with getting as little sleep as possible. Today, many have come to realize that chronic sleep deprivation isn’t just bad for business, it’s detrimental to your health. Suddenly the same doctors who have long warned that a chronic lack of sleep and sedentary living can lead to serious health consequences, including weight gain, obesity and associated chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, are getting air time and media attention. Why? Continue reading