Daily Tip: Rise to the Challenge


As a professional athlete and Olympic Hopeful, I know how important it is that my body stays healthy long after I am done training. Creating challenges for myself is important to gage improvement. Each time I create a new challenge, I give myself an opportunity grow and improve.

I LOVE push-ups. They are so challenging, and they strengthen everything! For wrestling, it’s important to have a very strong core and to learn to control your motion when you are fatigued.

Find out how many push-ups you can do in one set. Can you add one more? A small improvement will lead to amazing improvements over time.

Set a goal that is realistic for you, and makes you feel great!

Stick to your challenge for at least 3 weeks, then get excited for a new challenge!

Good luck!

Katherine Fulp AllenKatherine Fulp-Allen
USAW Women’s National Team

2008 University World Champion Katherine Fulp-Allen is the daughter of Lee Allen, three time Olympian in wrestling.
 Katherine made the US national women’s wrestling team the past two years after placing third in the US Olympic Team Trials in 2012 and third at the World Team Trials in 2013. She was a 2008 University World Champion after winning the US University Nationals. In college, she was a two-time national champion and Athlete of the Year. She has been a resident of the US Olympic Training Center since 2011 and is currently training for the up coming 2014-2015 season.

Website: fulpallenwrestling.wordpress.com

The Basics of Bodyweight Exercises


Basics of Bodyweight ExercisesWith the growing popularity of boot camp-style classes and back-to-basics workouts, bodyweight exercises are becoming increasingly common in and outside of the gym. And for good reason! Bodyweight exercises involve simple yet efficient movements that burn fat, build muscle, boost cardiovascular fitness and improve stability – with no equipment required. None! They can be done in your living room, the corner of your office or even outside. Here are a few easy ways to add bodyweight exercises into your routine.

Commit to Compound Movements. Many bodyweight exercises consist of compound movements that engage numerous joints and muscles in just one move. To fire-up your entire body and get the most out of your workout, try push-ups, lunges, squats, dips and planks.

Use Unilateral Exercises. Once you’ve gotten your form down on two legs or arms, perform an exercise on one leg or arm and you’ll improve balance and increase intensity. Switch it up with single-legged squats, one-arm pushups or single-legged jumps for a real challenge!

Do Double-Duty. If you’re not ready to go completely equipment free yet, bodyweight exercises are a great way to add a burst of cardio in between strength training moves. Instead of standing around after a set of bicep curls, maximize your time and increase your heart rate with one minute of squat jumps, burpees or jumping jacks. You’ll build strength and work up a major sweat! You can also alternate body weight exercises with short cardio bursts (2-5 minutes) on a treadmill, elliptical, or rowing machine.

TRX Lunge

Improvise. Just because equipment is minimal doesn’t mean bodyweight exercises are predictable. Add some variety and rotate between slow and fast reps. Do long jumps the distance of a rug. Try an incline push-up on a park bench or tricep dips on a chair. Try holding a plank for an entire song. Mix it up daily and get creative!

Now, are you ready to work that body weight?

TRX Bosu PushupHealthStyles Exercise Equipment has equipment to give you the workout variety your body needs. From TRX and other suspension training devices to weighted balls to kettlebells to battling ropes, HealthStyles has it all so stop by and take a look at our great selection of fitness accessories as well as strength and cardio equipment.

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Holiday Fitness Gift Guide


Welcome to the HealthStyles Exercise Equipment Gift Guide!

We have a huge variety of accessories in all price ranges, for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and types!

Whether you are trying to add some strength training to your cardiovascular workout, replicate some of your CrossFit exercises at home, do some serious core training, or create your own Tabata interval workout, we have the best selection of quality accessories in the Denver Metro area and the state of Colorado!

Visit your local HealthStyles Retail store in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, or Glenwood Springs for the best holiday gift ideas.

Gifts Under $25

Resistance Bands

$10.95 – $24.99

Cast Iron Kettlebell 10lb
5lb – 10lb Kettlebells

$8.50 – $23

Jump Ropes

Only $8.99

The Great Balance and Stability Handbook (Paperback)
Fitness Handbooks

Only $9.95

Spri Yoga Block Purple 4in x 6in x 9in
Yoga Blocks


Foam Roller - Full - 12 x 6
Foam Rollers

$12.99 – $24.99

Push Up Bars

$14.99 – $16

FitBall Balance Disc

Only $21.95

Gifts Under $50

Medicine Balls

$22.95 – $49.95

Rage Swivel Jump Rope
Rage R1 Swivel Jump Rope


Pull Up Bars

$29 – $40

LifeLineUSA TNT Cable System
Heavy Resistance Bands

$29.99 – $49.99

Rage Bumper Plates
10lb – 25lb Rage Bumper Plates

$29.99 – $49.99

Cast Iron Kettlebell 25lb
15lb – 25lb Kettlebells

$25.50 – $47.00

Exercise Balls

$36.99 – $39.99

Acu-Hoop 3 pound
Weighted Hula Hoops

$29.00 – $49.99

Gifts Under $100

Cast Iron Kettlebell 10lb
30lb – 45lb Kettlebells

$51 – $97

Rage Soft Medicine Balls
Rage Soft Medicine Balls

$84.99 – $94.99

Rage Slam Balls
Rage Slam Balls

$39.99 – $99.99

Rage Gymnastics Rings
Rage Plastic Gymnastics Rings


10lb – 30lb Dumbbells

$59 – $96

Rage R2 Pull-Up Bar
Rage Home Pull-up Bar


Rage Steel Plyo Boxes
Rage Steel Plyo Boxes 12″ – 24″

$69.99 – $99.99

FitBall Deluxe Balance Board
Balance Boards

$67.95 – $99.95

Other Great Gift Ideas

TRX Home Suspension Training Kit
TRX Home Suspension Training Kit


Bosu Home Balance Trainer
BOSU Home Balance Trainer


Inversion Tables

Starting at $159

PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Dumbbell Set 3-24lbs
PowerBlock Dumbbells

Starting at $149

TAG 10 in 1 Trainer
TAG 10 in 1 Trainer


Rage Conditioning Rope
Rage Conditioning Ropes

Starting at $138

Weight Benches
Ab/Back Benches
VKR Dip Stations
Vision Fitness V-Series Indoor Cycle
Exercise Bikes

Give the Gift of Fitness!


Are you looking for ideas for unique Christmas gifts?

HealthStyles Exercise Equipment has some great gifts for fitness enthusiasts in all price ranges!

Whether your gift is for an avid runner, a Cross-Fit or P90X junkie, or a friend or loved on who is trying to firm up or lose weight, here are just a few of the many possible gifts you can put under the tree for those important people in your life.

The Push-Up – A Simple But Effective Exercise


The push up may just be the best total body exercise that develops upper body strength and definition, builds core strength and even burns calories. Done properly, it uses muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs and even the legs. This simple exercise has been used in sports and military training for years because it requires no equipment and is one of the best strength training exercises around. It is important to use proper form in any type of push-up.

Watch this video to see the proper for a standard push-up:

Continue reading

Arm, Chest and Back Exercises from ACE


Are you starting to think about the approaching spring and summer weather and getting into those shorts and tank tops or swim suits before long? Here are some excellent arm chest and back exercises provided by ACE (American Council on Exercise) to help get your body toned in time for summer!

Here is an example of a circuit workout that you can complete with little to no additional equipment.


  • Hammer Curl
  • Lateral Raise
  • Push-up
  • Triceps Dip

Optional Exercise Equipment: Dumbbells, Rubber Resistance Bands, VKR Dip Stations, and an exercise mat.

Contact your local HealthStyles Exercise Equipment fitness consultant for the best product recommendation to meet your personal goals, abilities, and budget.

Fitness Accessories Expand Your Workout Routine


The use of fitness accessories to expand and enhance your cardiovascular and strength routines have never been more popular than they are today as is obvious by the number of equipment manufacturers that are getting into the fitness accessory game. Life Fitness, one of the major cardiovascular equipment manufacturers, is set to roll out Body Shape Kits this fall, which combine many of the most popular accessories sold by HealthStyles Exercise Equipment, into one all inclusive kit. Octane Fitness will combine an elliptical workout with stretch bands in the programming and design of their new ellipticals to be introduced later this Fall, to create circuit training workouts that add strength training to the traditional cardio workout. Continue reading