Free iPad Mini When You Buy the New Octane Zero Runner!


In an earlier post we highlighted one of the standout features of all Octane fitness equipment: iPad integration. Rather than forcing you to learn how to use a new, clunky display, Octane links your exercise machine to your iPad through their SmartLink app, available on the App store.

Octane ZR7 Zero Impact RunningTo help you take advantage of this amazing feature, we’re proud to announce a new promotion:

Now through September 30th, when you buy the all-new Octane Zero Runner from your local HealthStyles store, you can choose to receive either a FREE iPad Mini or additional savings on our already low sale prices!

The Zero Runner is ideal for:

  • Competitive runners who want to extend their running careers and improve performance.
  • Runners with past or chronic injuries who want to avoid additional injury.
  • Homeowners adding one piece of cardio equipment and wanting low-impact and quiet, but the high intensity of a running workout.

When you visit one of our locations, be sure to try the Zero Runner. For the first time you can experience the pleasure of running with absolutely no impact. Ideal for athletes who have a hard time taking days off, the no-impact Zero Runner allows you to extend your training time without causing undue stress and strain on your joints. And if an injury has been keeping you from running, the Zero Runner is just what you’ve been waiting for! The Zero Runner’s innovative hip and knee joints allow you to replicate your natural running form, while the independent pedals follow your feet throughout the running motion so you never feel discomfort from impacting on the ground.

The Zero Runner, making its Colorado debut in HealthStyles Exercise Equipment stores, is the latest addition to Octane’s long line of top-quality exercise machines. Check out some of our earlier blog posts to learn more about the amazing benefits of Zero Runner!
iPad MiniWith your free iPad Mini, you can wirelessly connect to your new Octane Zero Runner and access tons of useful information, customizable exercise programs, and advanced training routines. You can even link with your social media profiles so you can share your performance and progress with your friends and family!

This incredible offer is only available through September 30th 2014 in stores only. So visit one of our six Colorado locations and take advantage of this exclusive promotion!

Zero Runner: Benefits for Injured or Recovering Athletes


Octane ZR7 Zero Runner Cross TrainingBeing forced to train less or even forgo intensive training altogether due to an injury is easily the most frustrating moment for an athlete. Although there are options available that allow injured athletes to continue working out to some degree, all of them lack the quality and intensity athletes demand from their training.

Until now.

The all-new Zero Runner from Octane, available at your nearest HealthStyles Exercise Equipment location, is the first running machine that allows you to run with your natural form while eliminating the impact of your feet hitting the ground. The Zero Runner’s unique design, the ability to add more miles to your run without adding strain to your joints, and its easy incorporation into cross training exercises make it an ideal fitness machine for injured and recovering athletes.

Unique Design

The engineers at Octane set out to design a way for athletes to enjoy all the benefits of running naturally but without the pounding and stress on the body that generally accompanies it. In the Zero Runner’s innovative design, they have accomplished just that!

The Zero Runner features ingenious hip and knee joints intended to act almost like a bionic leg – facilitating each athlete’s unique running motion and natural stride. The independent pedals follow your feet throughout the running motion, allowing you to run just as naturally as if you were outdoors. Both of these aspects serve to suspend the body, frame your physique, and protect your joints so you can reap the benefits of running while avoiding the pain from impacting with the ground.

Octane Zero Runner ZR7 vs Treadmills

Unlike ellipticals or treadmills, the Zero Runner places no limitations on your movement. There’s no moving belt and no fixed path. Instead, you create the movement and pace that is uniquely yours. By eliminating impact, the Zero Runner allows injured and recovering athletes the freedom to run as they would normally and at a pace that fits their training needs.

Add More Miles

Even otherwise healthy athletes inevitably reach a point in their run after which the benefits of further running are outweighed by the stress and strain that comes with each footfall on pavement. Indeed, runners who try to push themselves past these limits can threaten their bodies with serious damage.

With the Zero Runner, you can delay that breaking point and continue running with the same intensity without fear of pain or injury. The pounding your joints take when running outside or even on treadmills steadily wears down your body and stresses your joints. Running on the Zero Runner, however, completely eliminates the impact your body would otherwise feel while engaging the same muscles you use when running naturally.

While the Zero Runner is an ideal machine for injured athletes, all variety of runners can benefit from the additional miles the Zero Runner makes possible for you to achieve. Try using the Zero Runner as a supplement to your normal running routine: run 6 miles outside and 4 miles inside on the Zero Runner. You’ll immediately notice how the lack of impact on the Zero Runner allows you to stay as strong at mile 10 as you were at mile 1.

Cross Training Integration

Octane Zero Runner ZR7 CROSS CiRCUITLike all of Octane’s products, the Zero Runner can connect wirelessly to your iPad using the SmartLink app available on the app store. With the SmartLink app, you have access to dozens of customizable training programs, tools, and resources to help you improve your performance and track your progress (for more info on the Zero Runner’s iPad and SmartLink integration, please see our previous blog post).

One of the best features of the SmartLink app, though, is the unique CROSS CiRCUIT program filled with tons of beneficial cross training exercises. Athletes today know how important it is to vary the exercises you do while training in order to get the most well-rounded exercise possible. Cross training involves strength, flexibility, and stretching with different exercises like plyometrics and core moves to help you take on your weaker links and dramatically improve your performance.

By incorporating the Zero Runner into your cross training program, you will improve the efficiency of your workouts, increase your strength, and develop lasting athletic power. Combine running intervals on the Zero Runner with strength training and stretching exercises to optimize your workout while minimizing the chance of injury.

To all the injured and recovering athletes out there: don’t settle for less in your training and exercise. Your injury does not have to prevent you from continuing to work out. Visit your nearest Healthstyles Exercise Equipment location and try the ZR7 Zero Runner for yourself, today!  

Zero Runner: Benefits for Competitive Runners


runnersWhen it comes to running, most athletes have their own ideas about how to get the most out of every training mile. Well, we’ve got one too: try running without impact.

You can do this with the new no-impact Zero Runner from Octane. Available at your nearest HealthStyles location, the Zero Runner is a unique running machine that can help runners meet and exceed their fitness goals by allowing them to increase their training volume, monitor their stride consistency, and engage in active warm ups and recovery.

Find out for yourself just how beneficial the Zero Runner can be for your training regimen by visiting one of your local HealthStyles Exercise Equipment stores and going for a run on the Zero Runner.

Increase Training Volume

If you want to seriously improve your running performance over the long term, exactly how much and how often should you run? According to the 2013 National Runner Survey distributed by Running USA, the average competitive runner runs 35.5 miles a week. But is that enough?

Frankly, there is no hard and fast answer to this question. However, most experts would agree that running more is the surest way to improve as a runner. After all, practice makes perfect. Research, too, suggests, this is the case. For example, Dr. Jason Karp, in his study of male and female qualifiers for the US Olympic Team Trials marathons, found a strong correlation between training volume and performance.

However, one of the problems inherent in running more to improve performance is that, at some point, running more will lead to a breaking point. After that point, more running can cause pain, discomfort, and even injury.

Enter the Zero Runner, the first no-impact running machine ever. With the Zero Runner, you can increase your weekly running frequency and daily running duration without increasing the risk of injury. That’s because the Zero Runner’s innovative hip and knee joints allow you to run with your natural form while the independent pedals eliminate the impact of your feet hitting the ground. No impact means no pain and discomfort on your joints, and that means you can improve your running performance by running farther and more often.

Monitor Stride Consistency

As with all Octane exercise machines, the Zero Runner can wirelessly connect to your iPad through Octane’s SmartLink app (see this blog post for more). With this app, athletes can choose training programs specific to their fitness goals, track their workouts and progress, and even work with a virtual trainer.

Octane Zero Runner Stride PhasesAnother feature available with this app, and with the Zero Runner, that is sure to get serious runners excited is the ability to monitor your running form. As it stands, most running technology can only track things like steps, distance, and calories burned. Although this information is certainly helpful, it only scratches the surface when it comes to evaluating your running performance.

The Zero Runner’s innovative design allows you to track your gait while you run. Monitor your stride length and height for consistency throughout your workout. Don’t let you running form slip or get lazy towards the end of your run! Get more out of every mile by tracking the health of your gait and ensure that you’re performing just as strong at mile 10 as you did at mile 1.

Active Warm Up & Recovery

Everyone knows how important it is to warm up before working out, both to minimize the risk of injury and to improve performance. However, simply stretching out on the ground won’t cut it. Most experts recommend athletes engage in “active” warm-ups, which increase your heart rate, open up your joints, and actively stretch your muscles.

Similarly, conventional wisdom increasingly favors “active recovery” during the cool-down phase after you’ve completed a hard competition or workout, as well as in the days following. One study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise found that active recovery immediately after the event encourages recovery and reduces muscle lactate levels faster than complete rest.

The Zero Runner from Octane is a great tool to help you undertake both active warm ups and active recovery. After some initial stretching, hop on the Zero Runner and swing your legs back and forth through the full range of motion to more fully open up your hips and joints. Continue by moving through to a more casual jog in order to get your heart rate up and more actively stretch out. Follow the same procedure immediately after a hard workout in order to ease your body through the transition from high intensity to rest. For those serious athletes who struggle to take any days off, the Zero Runner is the ideal machine to use, as you can keep working out without threatening injury from over extension.

High Tech Capabilities for a High Performance Workout


Ever since Apple first came out with the iPhone, it seems companies of all sorts have rushed to adapt their products to fit our newfound taste for flashy, high-tech, touch screen displays. Nowhere is this rush more noticeable than in the world of fitness equipment, where manufacturers have produced countless proprietary displays for their fitness machines. Although some companies have certainly made well-needed improvements to their old consoles, one company decided to take the opposite approach. Rather than making its own feature-filled sweat-proof displays, Octane Fitness designed all of its machines to link up with the touch-screen consoles their customers already use: their iPads.

The Octane Fitness SmartLink app is available for free on the App Store and, once downloaded onto your iPad, can wirelessly connect to your Octane Fitness exercise machine. There’s no need to learn the ins and outs of some new display console. Instead, simply use your iPad to program, monitor, and review your workouts.

Octane SmartLink for the iPad

So what can you do with the SmartLink app?

The better question is, what can’t you do? Let’s start with SmartLink’s Goal-based programs. Are you working out in order to lose weight? Feel healthier? Get stronger? Improve your athletic performance? Choose from several different exercise goals and the SmartLink app will design a 30-, 60-, or 90-day program customized exactly to your preferences. It’s like having your own personal trainer and motivating coach right there with you! Each time you log in, the app will provide you with your workout regimen, duration, and intensity level, all of which have been designed with input from fitness professionals, athletic coaches, and physical trainers to ensure maximum progress and performance. Even if you miss a few days, the SmartLink app will automatically recalibrate your plan so that you can stay on track and hit your goal.

Octane SmartLink for the iPad

What if you want to review your progress between workouts? The SmartLink app can display your total time, distance, and calories burned since you started your personalized workout routine. Seeing your progress is a truly powerful way to stay motivated and committed to meeting your fitness goals. And, since the SmartLink app works with all of Octane’s machines, the app will incorporate your exercise from all your other workouts and present a complete picture for you all in one place.

Cross Training? Absolutely! Apply Octane’s CROSS CiRCUIT workouts on your SmartLink app to ensure that no two exercise sessions are ever the same. With more than 225 exercises and 35 individual workout programs, mixing up your routine each day is a snap. Keep your muscles guessing to improve performance and conditioning.

Octane SmartLink for the iPad

The SmartLink app also contains tons of extra features and helpful resources. Everything from machine FAQ’s and stretching tips to advanced programs like MMA and heart rate training is available at the tap of a finger. You can even connect the app to your social media profiles so you can spread the word about your successes to your workout buddies and gloat about your improvements!

Octane SmartLink for the iPad

Want to try the SmartLink app for yourself? Come visit your nearest HealthStyles Exercise Equipment location and see how exercises with your iPad, and the SmartLink app from Octane Fitness, can revolutionize your workouts. We recommend trying it with the all new Zero Runner, the first and only running machine to completely eliminate impact when you run.

21st Century Running Machines: No Pain, All Gain


Despite running being among the simplest and most straightforward of exercises, stress and discomfort sustained while running are unfortunately common. While there are no precise statistics, it’s estimated that every year more than half of all runners injure themselves to the point where they decide that they must stop running. For some, a few days of rest is all that is needed. But for others, their injuries force them to hang up their running shoes for good.

Running is a fantastic exercise, but why do so many runners hurt themselves when running? Numerous theories abound, from running too vigorously during training sessions to the type of shoes runners wear. Despite differences among runners, there is one aspect of running that all share: the impact of foot hitting pavement. This impact is responsible for the majority of ankle, knee, and hip injuries, and it’s this problem that a whole new category of running machines aim to eliminate. Even for uninjured runners, removing the impact confers significant benefits by allowing for longer training sessions and active warmup and recovery. Forget running in the pool, here’s one example of a 21st Century Running Machine that seeks to remove impact so you can enjoy your running once again:

Less Impact, More Performance

Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero RunnerDo you wonder what it would feel like to run on air? The motorless and trackless Zero Runner from Octane Fitness allows you to do just that. This 21st Century Running Machine has two independent footpads with innovative hip and knee joints that replicate a genuine running motion with absolutely zero impact. Providing a more natural running stride than an elliptical and without the noise and impact of a treadmill, the Zero Runner combines the best of both worlds to give you a powerful workout without the strain and stress that normally accompanies running.

Other companies have taken different approaches to removing the impact on joints. The Sproing Trainer from Sproing Fitness, for example, does away with the moving track like the Zero Runner. In its place, the Sproing Trainer features a 6-inch adjustable cushion of high-density foam and air which, when paired with a solid rear post that holds your waist in place with a high-anchored harness, lessens the impact on your joints as you lean forward and run in place. The resulting exercise doesn’t feel quite as natural as the Zero Runner, but the Sproing Trainer helps improve form by compelling you to land on the balls of your feet, as opposed to the typical bad form of heels-first.

Woodway’s EcoMill, on the other hand, keeps the traditional treadmill track, albeit with significant differences. The EcoMill’s innovative rubber-coated aluminum slats transmit much less shock and strain to your joints than normal running outside or on a treadmill. With no motor, speed is determined by where you run on the EcoMill’s sloped track: higher up to run faster, in the middle to run slower. The EcoMill’s uniquely sloped track definitely sets it apart from other running machines.


The Zero Runner’s out-of-the-box design is not only ideal for competitive runners who struggle to take days off, but also for those runners who have had to cut back their running due to major or minor injury. With a greater stride length and range of motion than what is normally available with ellipticals, the Zero Runner’s innovative design mimics natural leg movement and allows you to create a customized running stride that suits your body. In fact, the Zero Runner provides constant feedback about your running form, informing you about your stride so that you can maintain consistency over the course of your run and maximize productivity. And with attachments for Octane’s CROSS CiRCUIT program built-in to the machine, you can maximize your workout by adding cross training to your cardio. Use the Zero Runner to supplement your normal running routine and save on the normal wear and tear while still maintaining a solid workout.

Plus, as with all of Octane’s products, the Zero Runner wirelessly connects to your iPad and transmits data to the SmartLink app (available on the App Store) so you can monitor your progress as you complete one of the dozens of customizable programs. This is definitely a machine made for 21st Century gadget-savvy athletes!

Try the Zero Runner for yourself when you visit your nearest HealthStyles Exercise Equipment location.

Improve Your Running Form with Zero Runner


Do you know how to run properly?

Most people would find this question strange, since popular opinion is that runners naturally find their best form and stride on their own, and once found it shouldn’t be changed. Indeed, even people who find themselves in some pain and discomfort after running find it hard to believe that their running form could possibly be the culprit.

Nevertheless, the benefits of running with proper form consistently throughout your run are enormous:  running correctly can reduce the risk of injury, increase basic speed, and improve endurance.

So how can you learn to improve your form and increase the productivity of your workout?

Try the Zero Runner from Octane.

It’s not only a fantastic running machine, but it can also help you improve your running form so that you get more miles out of your run. Its innovative no-impact design guides your movement yet contains no moving belt or fixed track. The Zero Runner also features technology that displays your gait so you can monitor your stride length and height for consistency throughout your run.

Octane Zero Runner Runners Gait

As the diagram demonstrates, there are 4 basic steps in the running cycle: Initiate, Pull Through, Lift, and Extension.

  1. Initiate: As you begin the running stride, you must first transfer weight to the lead foot
  2. Pull Through: Start accelerating into your stride with a strong hamstring contraction
  3. Lift: Flex your knee while curling your hamstring, bringing the heel of your foot to your glute
  4. Extension: Flex the hips, then extend the knee forward as you transfer weight to your other foot to begin the next stride

Octane Zero Runner Stride PhasesAlthough focusing on each of these four steps as you run could become tiresome, the Zero Runner’s unique design compels you to concentrate on your running form, at least for the first few strides. With the Zero Runner you can start your workout and find a comfortable pace and stride. The machine will continuously provide exact feedback on how consistently you can maintain that stride over the course of your run.

Once you are comfortable maintaining a uniform stride, you can focus on holding your form for longer durations to gradually build up endurance. Or you can use this as a guide to know when you have met your limit for hard interval or tempo workouts. Once your body becomes accustomed to the movement, you’ll find that maintaining the proper running form soon becomes second nature, and the benefits of doing so quickly materialize.

Still not convinced? Stop by your nearest HealthStyles Exercise Equipment location and try the Zero Runner out for yourself. We guarantee it’s unlike any running machine you’ve ever tried.

Master your running form and reap the benefits of zero impact running with the Zero Runner from Octane.

A Personal Trainer’s Notes on Lateral X


I just wanted to share with you this blog I found on the Lateral X:

By Julie King, June 4, 2013 |

Loving the LateralX – Most of us are creatures of habit, but when it comes to exercise, it is helpful to change our routines and try different workouts. Not only can this spike excitement in our minds, but our bodies definitely benefit from a variety of exercises. When we’re doing something new, our bodies have to continually adapt to different challenges, and we tend to be more focused versus simply going through the motions.

 So I just tried Octane’s new LateralX. I run, spin, lift weights and teach a whole bunch of different group ex classes each week. I have a traditional elliptical at home that I use when I can’t get to the gym or outside.

 But I must say that there is nothing like the LateralX. It’s smooth, adjustable side-to-side movement – with zero learning curve (bonus!) – was addictive and an effective workout. It didn’t take long before my thighs and hips were talking to me.

 Throw in the upper-body motion and every muscle was firing big-time, which definitely made this workout hard, but in a good, ultra-efficient way. In fact, since it was so rhythmic and fun, I didn’t watch the clock at all and actually wasn’t really ready to hop off when my time was up.

 Having worked in the fitness industry for more than 22 years, I’ve tried a lot of different equipment. This LateralX is an entirely new way to workout – and it’s here to stay. Go find one!

Herschel Walker on his Octane Elliptical


Hiesman Trophy winner, Former NFL Running back, MMA Fighter, and guest on The Apprentice, Hershel Walker gets fueled by Octane Fitness. Listen to Hershel talk about why he likes Octane Fitness elliptical machines, and why he chose to put one in his home gym. Hershel didn't need elliptical machine reviews, he just wanted the best home elliptical on the market, and once he tried it, he knew Octane was for him.

2013 Award Winning Fitness Equipment


HealthStyles Exercise Equipment’s selection of the latest 2013 home fitness equipment once again earn top honors from leading consumer publications.

Top Rated Ellipticals

Octane Fitness earned top honors again this year. The Q47c Elliptical earned another Best Buy rating in the premium elliptical category for it’s quality construction, smooth performance, and advanced features. The Q47c had the smoothest movement among ellipticals with automatic stride adjustments. The upgraded Q47ci Elliptical with heart rate control programs also earned a Best Buy rating.

The Octane Q35c, Q37c, and Q37ci ellipticals were all ranked in the top 3 in their class.

Vision Fitness also earned a Best Buy rating for the new X10 Elliptical. The X10 was awarded a Best Buy as the smoothest and most stable elliptical under $1000. The Vision X10 Elliptical also offers contact heart rate and 7 programs which is typically found in much more expensive machines.

Other ellipticals that received top honors this year include:

Top Rated Treadmills

Once again, the Landice L7 Cardio Trainer Treadmill was ranked 2nd in the premium non-folding treadmill category. Landice is the only treadmill that offers a lifetime home warranty on all parts and is the gold standard for quality and consistency. Landice treadmills have earned top awards from many consumer review publications and websites every year since 2004.

The Life Fitness T3 Treadmills earned a Best Buy rating in the mid-range treadmill category. The T3 Go Treadmill was noted for it’s convenient secondary control panel that allows you to adjust speed and incline closer to your natural hand position while running. The T3 Track Treadmill added advanced features with an iPod/iPhone dock, custom workouts, mobile applications, and online workout tracking.

Other treadmills that received top honors include:

Top Rated Exercise Bikes

The Lemond G-Force Recumbent and G-Force Upright Exercise Bikes earned a Best Buy rating this year. The G-Force bikes are the gold standard for comfort and performance. The recumbent bike offers an extremely comfortable mesh seat and both are fully adjustable. The G-Force bikes also offer the widest range of activity monitoring and track the history of up to 3 different users.

Top Rated Home Gyms

The new Torque Fitness H2 Hybrid Home Gym earned a Best Buy rating for it’s versatility. The H2 Home Gym offers traditional seated home gym exercises with a press arm and leg extension and leg curl. Dual mid pulleys, high and low pulleys, and extended cable travel offer an almost unlimited variety of free from functional cable exercises.

New 2013 Vision Fitness Equipment

Many of the newest Vision Fitness treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals just missed the 2013 review season.

The Vision R40 Recumbent Bikes are the newest upgrade to the 2012 award winning Vision 2250 recumbents.

The Vision TF20 Folding Treadmills replace the 2012 award winning Vision 9250 treadmills.

The Vision X40 Ellipticals are the latest upgrade to the 2012 award winning Vision X30 Ellipticals.

Vision Fitness has upgraded their past award winning machines with all new consoles with the latest technology.

Click here to read more about the exciting new Vision Classic, Elegant, and Touch consoles.

Contact your local HealthStyles fitness consultant today to learn more about any of these top rated ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, and home gyms.

Landice, Octane Fitness, Vision Fitness, Lemond Fitness, Life Fitness, and Torque are on display and available to demo in stores.

AFG, Horizon, Lifespan, and Diamondback fitness equipment can be ordered direct online or from your local retail sales team.