Holiday Fitness Gift Guide


Welcome to the HealthStyles Exercise Equipment Gift Guide!

We have a huge variety of accessories in all price ranges, for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and types!

Whether you are trying to add some strength training to your cardiovascular workout, replicate some of your CrossFit exercises at home, do some serious core training, or create your own Tabata interval workout, we have the best selection of quality accessories in the Denver Metro area and the state of Colorado!

Visit your local HealthStyles Retail store in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, or Glenwood Springs for the best holiday gift ideas.

Gifts Under $25

Resistance Bands

$10.95 – $24.99

Cast Iron Kettlebell 10lb
5lb – 10lb Kettlebells

$8.50 – $23

Jump Ropes

Only $8.99

The Great Balance and Stability Handbook (Paperback)
Fitness Handbooks

Only $9.95

Spri Yoga Block Purple 4in x 6in x 9in
Yoga Blocks


Foam Roller - Full - 12 x 6
Foam Rollers

$12.99 – $24.99

Push Up Bars

$14.99 – $16

FitBall Balance Disc

Only $21.95

Gifts Under $50

Medicine Balls

$22.95 – $49.95

Rage Swivel Jump Rope
Rage R1 Swivel Jump Rope


Pull Up Bars

$29 – $40

LifeLineUSA TNT Cable System
Heavy Resistance Bands

$29.99 – $49.99

Rage Bumper Plates
10lb – 25lb Rage Bumper Plates

$29.99 – $49.99

Cast Iron Kettlebell 25lb
15lb – 25lb Kettlebells

$25.50 – $47.00

Exercise Balls

$36.99 – $39.99

Acu-Hoop 3 pound
Weighted Hula Hoops

$29.00 – $49.99

Gifts Under $100

Cast Iron Kettlebell 10lb
30lb – 45lb Kettlebells

$51 – $97

Rage Soft Medicine Balls
Rage Soft Medicine Balls

$84.99 – $94.99

Rage Slam Balls
Rage Slam Balls

$39.99 – $99.99

Rage Gymnastics Rings
Rage Plastic Gymnastics Rings


Troy 12-Sided VTX Gray Dumbbells - 5lb Pair
10lb – 30lb Dumbbells

$59 – $96

Rage R2 Pull-Up Bar
Rage Home Pull-up Bar


Rage Steel Plyo Boxes
Rage Steel Plyo Boxes 12″ – 24″

$69.99 – $99.99

FitBall Deluxe Balance Board
Balance Boards

$67.95 – $99.95

Other Great Gift Ideas

TRX Home Suspension Training Kit
TRX Home Suspension Training Kit


Bosu Home Balance Trainer
BOSU Home Balance Trainer


Inversion Tables

Starting at $159

PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Dumbbell Set 3-24lbs
PowerBlock Dumbbells

Starting at $149

TAG 10 in 1 Trainer
TAG 10 in 1 Trainer


Rage Conditioning Rope
Rage Conditioning Ropes

Starting at $138

Weight Benches
Ab/Back Benches
VKR Dip Stations
Vision Fitness V-Series Indoor Cycle
Exercise Bikes

Krazy about Kettlebells


Maybe it is 4-Hour Body becoming a bestseller, touting the benefits of kettlebell workouts. Kettlebells are becoming the new staples in gyms, right along with dumbbells and plates. While this surge of popular interest has been unprecedented, kettlebells have been around a while.

The modern version seems to have originated 350 years ago in Russia as counterweights to measure goods. Since they were fun to swing around, they became weight-lifting tools and finally, modern kettlebell-lifting became Soviet Union’s national sport, in 1948.

However, many cultures around the world have used weights with handles since long ago: Shaolin monks with stone padlocks, Scottish tribes in their hurling contests, Indians with their ishi sashi clubs. These early predecessors and kettlebells work to extend the center of balance, allowing the users to mimic many real-world activities involving swinging, like shoveling, farm work, picking up your child, etc.

Today, the US Secret Service, FBI Counter Assault team, and many military training programs around the world use the holistic, explosive exercises that high-repetition ballistic kettlebell workouts provide. The benefits of this workout includes a full-body conditioning, anaerobic and aerobic exercise improving mobility, range of motion, and strength, particularly in lower back, legs and shoulders.

Give the Gift of Fitness!


Are you looking for ideas for unique Christmas gifts?

HealthStyles Exercise Equipment has some great gifts for fitness enthusiasts in all price ranges!

Whether your gift is for an avid runner, a Cross-Fit or P90X junkie, or a friend or loved on who is trying to firm up or lose weight, here are just a few of the many possible gifts you can put under the tree for those important people in your life.

Kettlebells – The Latest Craze in Strength Training


If you haven’t yet heard of kettlebells in relation to strength training, you may have been a bit out of touch with what is happening in fitness training recently. Kettlebell training as a way to lose weight and gain strength has literally exploded over the past few years.

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Basic Kettlebell Circuit Video


Here is a great demonstration of a basic kettlebell circuit. This circuit can be used as a strength workout or a cardio conditioning workout. Simply change the weight of the kettlebell to reduce the load and decrease rest time to focus on cardio conditioning.

Click here to shop for kettlebells online or visit your local HealthStyles retail store.

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Study Reveals Kettlebells Provide Powerful Workout in Short Amount of Time

SAN DIEGO (Feb 9, 2010) — The American Council on Exercise (ACE), America’s leading authority on fitness and one of the largest fitness certification, education and training organizations in the world, today announced key findings from an exclusive study on the benefits of kettlebell workouts conducted with the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, through its exercise and health program. Results concluded that kettlebells provide a much higher-intensity workout than standard weight-training routines and offer superior results in a short amount of time. Continue reading

Fitness Accessories Expand Your Workout Routine


The use of fitness accessories to expand and enhance your cardiovascular and strength routines have never been more popular than they are today as is obvious by the number of equipment manufacturers that are getting into the fitness accessory game. Life Fitness, one of the major cardiovascular equipment manufacturers, is set to roll out Body Shape Kits this fall, which combine many of the most popular accessories sold by HealthStyles Exercise Equipment, into one all inclusive kit. Octane Fitness will combine an elliptical workout with stretch bands in the programming and design of their new ellipticals to be introduced later this Fall, to create circuit training workouts that add strength training to the traditional cardio workout. Continue reading

Spring Training: Find Your Inner Athlete


The snow has melted and the warm weather and sunshine calls us outdoors for spring training. It’s time to start building your endurance and overall joint strength in order to stay injury free during a summer filled with hiking, running, biking and power walks.

Phenom athletes like Lance Armstrong and Olympic marathon champion Constantina Dita employ all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to training for their sport. I know some of you don’t consider yourself an “athlete”, but I encourage you to change your thinking and find your inner athlete. By doing so, you will build a better and stronger body and find optimal health.

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