HealthStyles Introduces the New 2013 Vision Fitness Equipment on Colorado and Company


HealthStyles Exercise Equipment was excited to be a part of Colorado & Company recently to present the exciting new 2013 Vision Fitness Equipment line-up.

Vision Fitness has long been a front runner in award winning equipment and innovative consoles. Now they have taken it to a whole new level with their Classic, Elegant and Touch Consoles added to their upgraded treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes.

All include the Sprint 8, a 20 minute interval program proven to get results, and some feature a touch screen and Virtual Active Programs that can take you to the mountains of Switzerland or the Canyonlands of Utah on your workout!

Click here to view our complete selection of Vision Fitness Equipment.

*The Colorado and Company delivery and assembly offer was valid from 11/9 through 11/11/2012 for this program recorded on 11/9/2012.

Too Busy To Exercise? Try a Sprint 8 Workout!


Everyone knows how busy this time of year is. There are decorations to put up, gifts to purchase, parties and events to attend, along with the regular daily schedule of work and family responsibilities. For me, when life gets rushed and I can’t fit it all in, the first thing to go always seems to be my workout routine! The crazy thing is that this is the time when we really need the exercise routine, both to keep our life in balance, and to burn those extra calories that we may be taking in over the Holidays.

This is the time of year when remembering the Sprint 8 Workout really makes sense! If you have 20 minutes, 3 times per week, you can get a great workout in a short period of time, and experience some great benefits.

The Sprint 8 Workout, developed by exercise physiologist Phil Campbell, consists of a 3 minute warm-up followed by 8 segments of anaerobic exercise lasting 30 seconds followed by 90 seconds of active recovery, and then a cool down after the 8 segments. That 20 minutes is a short, but definitely not an easy workout! The 30 second sprints need to be so hard that you get really winded and want to stop after 10 or 15 seconds, but hang on for 30 seconds before ending the sprint.

Of course anyone beginning this type of high-intensity workout needs to do so with approval from a physician, and with a slow, progressive buildup period. Individuals beginning this workout may start out by doing only 2 or 3 sprint segments and gradually working up to the 8 segment, 20 minute workout.

At HealthStyles Exercise Equipment, we feature Vision treadmills, exercise bikes and ellipticals that have a pre-set Sprint 8 program built in to their programming, but Sprint 8 workouts can be also done on any other piece of cardiovascular equipment.

For more information on the benefits of the Sprint 8 Workout and the research behind it, take a look at the attached video featuring Phil Campbell.

So don’t give up your workout during this busy season, just abbreviate it to fit your life right now. A Sprint 8 workout is a great way to do this, and once you get back to a more normal workout schedule, you will want to incorporate the Sprint 8 workout as part of your overall routine as a way to add intensity and interval training to your cardio workout!

Jeanne Sheriff, owner

Healthstyles Exercise Equipment

Heart Healthy Month Cardio Workouts


February is Healthy Heart Healthy Month and one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy is through regular cardiovascular exercise. This can be especially challenging during the cold winter months when the days are short, the temperatures are cold and the streets are icy. Life Fitness has provided cross-training and interval workouts below, to keep your heart pumping while incorporating strength training at the same time.

These workouts are designed to be used with a treadmill, but can also be done on an exercise bike, elliptical, or rower as the cardio part of your workout.


1. Lower Body Burn

The treadmill is a great foundational tool in any training regimen and an excellent way to challenge and sculpt the lower body, particularly with some body weight movements across different planes of motion.

  • (6 minutes) Choose a hill climbing program on your treadmill and set the incline to a challenging level – at least a walking speed of three or four miles per hour.
  • (18 minutes) The next 18 minutes of the workout should consist of six three-minute cycles:
    • 2 minutes fast-paced walking or light jogging, progressively increasing the incline
    • 1 minute off the treadmill to perform the following, one per interval:
      1. 20 body weight squats
      2. 20 mountain climbers
      3. 20 calf raises
      4. 20 standing lunges – left leg
      5. 20 standing lunges – right leg
      6. 20 lateral lunges – 10 left leg; 10 right leg
  • (6 minutes) Six-minute cool down at about 40% of your 2-minute interval pace, slowly decreasing incline to 0.

2. Full Body Frenzy

Keep your heart healthy by combining both cardio and strength training in one workout – this is called circuit training. Circuit workouts on your treadmill two to three times per week will offer incredible benefits for your heart and other muscles.

Complete a 30-minute circuit workout on your treadmill to burn calories while sculpting your entire body at the same time.

  • (6 minutes) Set the incline level at such that you have to pump your arms to keep up – at least a speed of 4 or 4.5 miles per hour.
  • (18 minutes) The next 18 minutes of the workout should consist of six three-minute cycles:
    • 2 minutes fast paced walking using an extended stride and pronounced arm swing
    • 1 minute off the treadmill and perform one of the following the intervals:
      1. Five or 10 push-ups (start with push-ups on your knees if needed)
      2. 25 squat thrusts
      3. 30-second full body plank on your elbow – left
      4. 30-second full body plank on your elbow – right
      5. 25 abdominal crunches or sit-ups
      6. 20 lateral lunges – 10 left leg; 10 right leg
  • (6 minutes) Follow with a six-minute cool down at 40 percent of your maximum speed, slowly decreasing the incline to 0.

3. Speed Intervals

One of the best ways to strengthen your heart, build endurance and burn calories is by speed interval training, bringing your heart rate up and then lowering it. This fluctuation in the work vs. rest intensity puts great demands on the heart muscle, and it reacts by getting stronger and more efficient.

  • Choose your preferred piece of cardio equipment, whether it be a stationary bike, elliptical cross-trainer, or treadmill
  • (5 minutes) Start with a 5-minute warm up at walking speed and set a slight incline
  • (5 minutes) Move on to five intervals of 20-second high-intensity exercise, immediately followed by 40 seconds of active rest, about the speed you used for your warm-up.
  • (5 minutes) After your set of five intervals, do a five-minute cool down at walking pace.

Fit Tips are provided by Life Fitness, the leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality exercise equipment for fitness facilities and homes worldwide.

Vision Fitness V-Series Indoor Cycle Review


Indoor cycling presents some great fitness opportunities for training, so the newest Vision Fitness V-series indoor cycle gave us a good reason to like it for its overall new design and lower price point without sacrificing the very comparable features of the higher end more expensive indoor cycles.

Fit and feel tends to be the most important thing that I look for when recommending an indoor cycle, and the V-Series bike makes great strides over their older model ES600 and 700, along with some nice perks with the paint color and sleek frame design. Finally adding a computer option to this newer model brings the opportunity for heart rate training as well as all the other training parameters of distance, cadence, time and calories to help people train more effectively. Here are some of the standout features and benefits that I list as being a great reason to look at this as an option for purchase.

  • Great smoothness of the flywheel, even with it being several pounds lighter than the most expensive indoor cycles.
  • Tension easily transitioned with the rubber grip handle was much better than others to quickly dial in the right feel.
  • The straight bar horns on the front handle actually works better than some higher priced models for myself and clients when standing and climbing or in the time trial position.
  • The computer is very easy to use and positioned nicely on the lower part of the handle bars.
  • The ability to fit taller users definitely exists on this bike versus others in its price range.
  • The seat extension bar actually helps make lifting the bike to get on its wheels easier without having to lean down and grab the lowest point of the bike.
  • A better parts warranty than others in all the price ranges

Outside of it taking a little more time to assemble than the Lemond Cycles, there is nothing that would keep me from recommending the Vision Fitness V-Series Indoor cycle for an individual looking for a smooth, comfortable ride with all the perks of the most expensive indoor cycles but with a lower price point.

Stop in to demo a Vision Fitness V-Series Indoor Cycle at one of HealthStyles’ retail locations or call us at 800-829-9705 for more information.

Click here to shop online for Indoor Cycles.

Scott Laurent
has a BA in sports psychology. He is a certified personal trainer and was a semi-pro athlete. His consulting business,, helps people who are contemplating, just starting, or having difficulty remaining in an exercise program.

Visit Scott at the Healthstyles Exercise Equipment Colorado Blvd or Park Meadows Retail Stores Or email:

Expresso Fitness connects with Facebook and Twitter

Expresso Fitness has re-emerged as a new revitalized company with the same innovation exercise bikes that offer incredible motivation that attracts new members and clients and keeps your customer enthusiastic and engaged. Their latest innovation is to allow your clients to access Facebook and Twitter while they are using Expresso bikes. Interactive Fitness Holdings (IFH) has completed the rollout of an industry first – software to directly support social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, on Expresso bikes worldwide. The social networking software is included in the Expresso Live package at no additional cost and is available to any Expresso station ever purchased. Continue reading

Expresso – Toast your Ghost with Expresso by IFH


Expresso – Toast your Ghost with Expresso by IFH

Darcy Conover test drives the Expresso Bike at Jean-Robert’s Gym with JR as her personal trainer. She is "chasing her ghost." The ghost is her from her previous ride and she shows how powerfully competitive she gets when she is chasing herself.

With over 20 different rides the Expresso Bike is an amazing piece of equipment for cyclists and workout enthusiasts alike.

What’s the Best Piece of Cardio Equipment to Use?

by Jessica Mathews, American Council on Exercise Let’s be honest, in a fast paced-world we all want the most “bang for our buck.” And when it comes to cardio workouts this same mentality applies as we search for the most time-efficient way to burn the most calories. So what piece of cardio equipment will elicit the best results? The answer is there isn’t one in particular. Essentially it is the intensity that you work at and the duration of your session that will be the primary factors in dictating the overall effectiveness of your cardio session. Interval training To maximize your cardio sessions, consider interval training. Interval training is defined as short, high-intensity exercise periods alternated with periods of rest. So instead of hopping on a piece of cardio equipment for 30 minutes and performing your workout at the same speed for the entire session, try mixing it up one day with periods of sustained higher intensity exercise followed by a return to lower aerobic intensities used as a recovery period. There are a variety of approaches to interval training, for example you may opt to utilize, including a 1:1 exercise to recovery ratio (e.g. run for 2 minutes then walk for minutes) or a 1:2 ratio (e.g., cycling for 2 minutes at a higher intensity followed by a 4 minute recovery period of cycling at a lower intensity). Interval training can be used by novice exercises and elite athletes alike by simply adjusting the intensity and/or the rest-to-recovery ratio accordingly to meet the needs and current ability level of the exerciser. Research continues to emerge regarding the benefits of interval training, and more recently the researched benefits of high-intensity interval training. Equipment When it comes to equipment, the best suggestion is to choose a mode of activity that you enjoy, as you’ll be more inclined to stick with your regular workouts long-term. To combat boredom and also to reap the benefits that cross-training provides, try completing your cardio workouts on several different pieces of equipment, either within one workout session or from one session to the next. Below are some popular cardio equipment options you may consider incorporating into your cardio program: Continue reading

Fantastic Quality at an Affordable Price: the Vision ES700 Indoor Cycle

This week’s product spotlight is on the Vision Fitness ES700 Indoor Cycle. The ES700 indoor cycling bike is a heavy duty commercial quality indoor cycling bike that compares with the best on the market, at an amazingly affordable price. The ES700 will perform under the highest of demands. Whether you are looking for a bike that is durable enough for a class setting or an indoor training bike for the off-season, the ES700 is the bike for you. Stainless steel seat post and handlebar stem combine with the zinc-coated frame to prevent the corrosion so often seen on indoor cycles. Proven bicycle ergonomics and features, such as the micro-adjustable handlebar and seat positions, no-maintenance belt drive system, and simple and smooth tension adjustment knob, make this bike especially smooth, quiet and comfortable. Continue reading

Colorado and Company Lemond Fitness Demonstration

Click here to watch the Lemond Fitness demonstration on Colorado and Company. Dave Sheriff and Tim Hilgert show off the Lemond Fitness exercise bikes including the GForce Recumbent Bike, GForce Upright Bike, and Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle.