Keep Your Workouts BALANCED



I love Fall! I love the weather, the colors and I even love getting back into a routine after summer has thrown my schedule out of whack! Resuming a regular workout schedule is a part of getting back into a routine, and as we do that, it is important to make sure that our workout includes all aspects of fitness. That includes stretching, cardiovascular fitness, strength, and balance.

Balance is an area we don’t focus on enough in the fitness realm, and yet it is an extremely important factor for athletes and people of all ages. Balance helps athletes lift more weight, have more productive workouts, reduce the chance for injury, and participate in any sport with more power and agility.

Because our balance begins to erode in our 50’s, focusing on balance as a part of our regular workout routine as we age can increase our confidence in our physical abilities, reduce falls that can lead to broken bones, and help us live independently and continue to perform the regular activities of daily living to a ripe old age!

HealthStyles Exercise Equipment provides a variety of accessories that can help you improve and maintain balance as a part of your normal workout routine. Bosu Balls, Stability Balls, and Balance Boards can all enhance your balance.

Click here for a video from ACE Fitness showing a simple progression of balance training exercises:

Ace Balance Training Exercises

Modern Movement M-board 1.1In addition, HealthStyles is pleased to feature a new product, just out on the market, that is sure to challenge and improve the proprioceptive feedback that will help improve your balance.

The M-Board by Modern Movement allows the user to train using multiple planes of motion (3D) that more closely replicates the way our bodies move in balance sports, and in everyday living. For those not quite ready for the 3D movement of the M-Board, a balance stand can help you progress more quickly from a 2D back and forth motion to a 3D motion.

Click here to Shop for the new M-Board and Balance Stand.

Click here for M-Board demonstration and workout videos:

M-Board Exercise Demonstration Videos

To learn more about the importance of balance for people of all ages, we recommend the following articles:

The Perfectly Balanced Body by Andrew Heffernan talks about balance as a part of the workout routine of an athlete.

Work on your balance now to avoid falls when you’re older. Lenny Berstein talks about how working on your balance now can help you avoid falls when you get older.

Training for Balance, Training for Life from the American Council on Exercise provides more details on the mechanical principles related to balance and how to manipulate training variables to achieve better balance, improved fitness, and quality.

Or visit a local HealthStyles Exercise Equipment store to see and try our selection of balance training tools.

Modern Movement M-Board Exercise Demos


This Modern Movement M-Board demo shows eight different movements, plus variations. Integrate them into your workout to improve your balance. It can also help with learning new balance sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding.

Movements include: Static Balance, Side to Side, Toe Side Turns, Heel Side Turns, Give & Go, Tuck, Squats, and Plank Shifts.

M-Board Workout Fundamentals

This is a 10 minute workout with commentary, explaining each M-Board movement. It is an introduction to the M-Board balance board, and it uses beginner level exercises combining balance and movement. Keith uses the Balance Stand for stability, but you can do the same workout without the stand. Once you’re comfortable with this workout, progress to the Level 2 and Level 3 workouts.

M-Board Workout Level 2

This 12 minute M-Board balance workout provides a progression of more challenging balance training moves, including side to side, heel-side and toe-side turns.

M-Board Workout Level 3

This 16 minute M-Board balance workout is the most advanced of the three current workout videos. Like the others it combines balance and movement, while providing a strength-building and cardio workout. Expect it to take several sessions before you master some of the moves. Feel free to use a Balance Stand for support if you need it.

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Crunches Alone Do Not Make a Six Pack


Somewhere far, far away, there is a magical gym where there’s never a wait for a cardio machine at 6:30pm, the boot camp instructor never raises his voice above a whisper, and jiggling upper arms instantly tighten up after just one biceps curl. This mythical place is called Imaginary Fitness Land, and it, like spot-training to burn fat, does not exist.

Welcome to the real world, where workout results take time, energy, and variety, and where our body’s ability to eliminate fat, and which specific areas it will eliminate fat from, are influenced by age, genetics, hormones, and some other factors beyond our control.

Luckily, we can control the fat-melting effectiveness of a cardio workout, so keep this real-world advice from Life Fitness in mind to maximize your results.

Two’s company. Combine fat-reducing cardio exercise with a consistent strength training program to tone and sculpt your muscles. Although spot-training won’t work for burning fat, spot-sculpting will tighten and tone the areas where you want to show off your results. Focus on a specific group of muscles during your strength training routines.

Add instability. Use the BOSU ball, balance disk, or wobble board to throw off your balance and force your core muscles to work overtime. With a strong core, you’ll be able to take on more challenging workouts, and achieve success faster.

Pilates, please. Heralded as the secret behind tons of toned tummies, a Pilates mat workout provides an effective ab routine when you want to add some necessary variety to your exercise program. Pilates utilizes very focused and specific movements, so find an instructor to get you started.

Intensify. Interval training is a great way to incorporate high-intensity exercise into your workouts. Start with 30 seconds of jogging followed by 2-3 minute of walking, then repeat for 30 minutes. Once you can complete the program with ease, lengthen the jogging intervals. Your increased intensity and elevated heart rate will result in more calories burned and a smaller waist line.

The trick to getting the fit, sculpted body you want is to be realistic. If you have overall body fat to lose, you aren’t going to see washboard abs without eliminating that excess insulation first.

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Give the Gift of Fitness!


Are you looking for ideas for unique Christmas gifts?

HealthStyles Exercise Equipment has some great gifts for fitness enthusiasts in all price ranges!

Whether your gift is for an avid runner, a Cross-Fit or P90X junkie, or a friend or loved on who is trying to firm up or lose weight, here are just a few of the many possible gifts you can put under the tree for those important people in your life.

Ab V-Ups with a BOSU Ball


Here is an example of an advanced ab exercise, the V-Up, using a Bosu, Balance cushion, or other balance board.

Recommended Exercise Equipment:

BOSU Home Balance Trainer 

FitBALL Balance Disc – Blue 

FitBall Deluxe Balance Board 

Fitter First Classic Wobble Board 

Contact your local HealthStyles Exercise Equipment fitness consultant for the best product recommendation to meet your personal goals, abilities, and budget.

Fitness Accessories Expand Your Workout Routine


The use of fitness accessories to expand and enhance your cardiovascular and strength routines have never been more popular than they are today as is obvious by the number of equipment manufacturers that are getting into the fitness accessory game. Life Fitness, one of the major cardiovascular equipment manufacturers, is set to roll out Body Shape Kits this fall, which combine many of the most popular accessories sold by HealthStyles Exercise Equipment, into one all inclusive kit. Octane Fitness will combine an elliptical workout with stretch bands in the programming and design of their new ellipticals to be introduced later this Fall, to create circuit training workouts that add strength training to the traditional cardio workout. Continue reading