Take a Closer Look at the Octane Q37 Elliptical


According to a leading consumer magazine, the Octane Q37ci Elliptical was rated a “Best Buy” for it’s sturdy construction, safety features, and interactive training programs.

By far, the biggest advantage of the Octane Q37 Elliptical over any other machine is the quality construction. The Octane Ellipticals are sturdy and reliable and in our experience as a specialty exercise equipment retailer, we’ve seen far fewer service requests from these machines than any other elliptical sold.

In addition to the reliability and solid commercial feel, the Octane Q37 Elliptical allows users to feel more comfortable and balanced with a natural movement pattern. The natural motion enhances the use of core muscles and gives the user the maximum comfort in using both the legs and arms at any speed without feeling off balance.

The movement patterns of many less expensive machines do not feel as natural and can put stress on hips, ankles, and knees. Over the course of many hours of weekly use, these repetitive unnatural movements can cause discomfort, pain, or overuse injuries. But more often than not, an uncomfortable machine is just less likely to be used on a regular basis.

Here are a few fitness tips to help you get the most out of your Octane Elliptical workouts.

  1. Make sure to keep good posture while using the arms especially during the arm blaster workouts. You want to feel like you are pulling from your mid back muscles while retracting your shoulder blades well and keeping your elbows moving back and downwards close to your sides. The last place you want to feel like you are pulling from is your upper neck or traps.

  2. At your comfort level, get used to dropping your hands and arms and swinging them like you would during a walk or run, this will help your balance as well as your core. It is harder to do during higher resistance levels so you can choose to work on this during the warm up and cool down.

  3. Make sure you are going in reverse occasionally. It’s not a bad idea for people to do at least 10% of their workout going backwards. This will help insure that you are equalizing the load across some of the muscle groups in the legs as well as challenging your balance.

  4. Make sure you do not over do it on a weekly basis. The beauty of the Octane elliptical is that the workout time needed is compressed since there is so much muscle recruitment involved, so you can modify the workouts based on time and intensity each day and also modify which muscles you are using more for that specific workout. An example would be that someone might have a 15 minute workout one day while using the arm feature, really concentrating on pushing and pulling at a higher level of resistance. This could be followed up the next day with a simulation of running at a low level of resistance without using the arms much and the time might be 30-40 minutes. This variation example will help prevent overtraining by allowing different body parts to rest and recover properly in between workouts.

  5. Use the Cross Training program and instructional book to challenge yourself to a circuit style program. Research shows how effective going back and forth between cardio and strength training can be to help maximize cardiovascular training as well as muscle toning and weight loss. You don’t have to rely on the pictures in the cross training book that come with the Octane as they are just suggestions, you can use anything from bands to kettlebells to body weight training, just be creative.

  6. Try shorter workouts less than 30 minutes to stay consistent. Just as long as you are concentrating on warming up and cooling down properly, you can challenge yourself to come off the machine completely wiped out and have a ton of calories burned in just a short period of time. Some favorite workouts are only 20 minutes long! It’s much easier from a motivational standpoint to find less than 30 minutes of time to work into your schedule for using the Octane than it is to find 45 minutes or an hour. Get used to these small blocks of time and you will see how much fun and productive the workouts can be!

  7. Use the custom interval program to set intervals with a set resistance for a selected period of time. Some people enjoy doing 1 minute hard efforts followed by 4 minutes of mild to moderate effort and then repeat for a number of times. Others seem to like a 30 second peak interval followed by a 90 second recovery and repeat for 8 times. These are called recovery and peak effort intervals and you can play with the right combos of resistance level to make it right for you. Just make sure you are doing your warm up and cool down properly.

  8. Set shorter, reasonable goals when you first try X-Mode. When setting the time that the X-Mode comes on, I would recommend having it come on for only 30 seconds for users just starting with the Octane. Move up the time and frequency of the X-Mode as your fitness improves.

  9. Challenge yourself to use only one of the arms when pushing and pulling. This requires a good deal of concentration and core control to resist swinging from side to side as the other arm wants to join in but is resting in the downward, swinging position. Don’t push into anything that is painful. A lighter resistance still gets the job done.

In addition to the top reviewed Octane Q37ci ellipticals, Octane offers a full range of options to fit your personal preference and budget.

Each Octane Elliptical offers a “c” and “ci” console. The “ci” consoles offer the full interactive heart rate training programs. The “c” consoles offer basic workouts without the interactive heart rate so you can get the same quality machine at a lower price without all the buttons and whistles.

The Q37c console on the left and Q37ci console on the right:

The Octane Q35c is the most affordable Octane elliptical and offers the same quality construction and stride without the converging multi-grip arms.

The Octane Q47c and Q47ci ellipticals offer a unique “SmartStride” feature that automatically adjusts the stride lengths from 18 to 26 inches. This is ideal for family use to ensure that mom, dad, and the kids can all use the machine comfortably. This is also an added benefit to ensure maximum comfort transitioning between walking, jogging, and running speeds.

The Octane xRide series are a one-of-a-kind seated elliptical. These seated ellipticals offer a completely different style of low-impact elliptical workout. The additional back support from the seat can be beneficial for beginning exercisers and physical therapy. And for the experienced exerciser, it offers the opportunity to incorporate a new level of power and strength into a cross training workout.

Stop in to demo an Octane Elliptical at one of HealthStyles’ retail locations to find the cross training solution that works best for you.

Or call us at 800-829-9705 for more information.

Scott Laurent
has a BA in sports psychology. He is a certified personal trainer and was a semi-pro athlete. His consulting business, ReadyToExercise.com, helps people who are contemplating, just starting, or having difficulty remaining in an exercise program.

Visit Scott at the Healthstyles Exercise Equipment Colorado Blvd or Park Meadows Retail Stores Or email: scott@readytoexercise.com

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  1. I use the seated elliptical 3 times a week at the ymca, for 30 min. I love this machine. I noticed some people dont use the arm motion. Im assumeing by useing them its good for your heart, am i right?

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