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Here are the latest:

Exercise Alters Epigenetics – several versions of this article are out there including this one from Time magazine and a more dense read from Science. Either way, your jean size is not just in the genes… it’s how your genes express themselves, prompted by your actions, like exercising!

Afghanistan war vet invents revolutionary exercise equipment – Surprise! This war vet is not American. Also, if you can tell me how to use this equipment more than just by varying the pushup, as seen on the picture, you win a prize… (hypothetically, people!)

Cool Hands May Help People Exercise Longer – Why holding your icy water bottle may help as you jog.

Babies building abs – Really?

Play, not exercise, for fit kids – I knew there was the other side.

Doctors Increasingly Prescribe Exercise – and hopefully proscribe some of the fatty foods we allow ourselves immediately after exercising.

Hit the treadmill and pump an extra weight for a better pay cheque – I have begun doing this since having my baby… Hopefully Jeanne and Dave take note. ;-)

Beverage-makers (COKE) build playgrounds, draw criticism – Contentious. Does this prick anyone else’s conscience? “Winning hearts and minds” is a war strategy with the Marines. But a marketing strategy for Coke? Couldn’t be. McDonalds have their playgrounds and happy meals… They’re so good to kids, must be good for the kids too.

Phys Ed: Exercise as Housecleaning for the Body – I read this article to my mom, who could use some exercise and is fond of housecleaning (especially if someone else is doing it for her).

Intermittent exercise improves blood glucose control for diabetics – I thought exercise in general improves blood glucose control?

Science Shows How Exercise Might Help in Prostate Cancer

Exercise after breast cancer surgery can enhance recovery

Exercise during pregnancy? Yes even some extreme sports – Like to push the limits and put yourself in life and death situations? Let’s amp it up.

-Misheel Chuluun.

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