Row Row Row Your…


The exercise of rowing is a fantastic full body workout that can provide a great non-impact cardio workout.

Despite being in a seated position, rowing is great calorie burner, as 70-75% of the musculature used is the large muscle groups of the hips, glutes and legs. At the same time you also use your arms and back and by the end of your workout, you have used about 84% of your muscle mass.

Make sure you brush up on proper rowing technique as you begin to use a rowing machine. Most people fatigue quickly as they use their upper body too much, and round their back creating stress on the lower back. It is essential that a strong postural position is maintained throughout the rowing action. To achieve correct posture, the torso is simply rocked from a slightly backward (11 o’clock) position to a forward (1 o’clock) position on the seat. Once you have your stroke technique down, you will find rowing to be one of the best cardio workouts out there!

There are many types of rowers, but my favorite are the ones with the unique Waterflywheel design made by Waterrower. As the name implies, Waterrowers use water as the resistance. The water provides a smooth and efficient resistance, designed to mimic moving a boat through water. It is excellent for any fitness level and any age, making it an excellent choice for family fitness equipment. The Waterrower requires no power, low maintenance and is quiet and the stand up design requires little space. Can it get any better?!

Check out this video overview of the Waterrower:

Tonja Hadley, MA, CSCS
Personal Trainer
Loveland Store Manager
HealthStyles Exercise Equipment

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