Why Use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor?


Whether you’re taking a class with a friend, going on a weekend bike ride or running on your treadmill at home, with a heart rate watch, you can see exactly how much you’re doing and, even better, track your progress. Heart rate monitors keep you motivated and show you how well you’re doing, leaving you to focus on having fun!

Getting the most out of your training doesn’t always mean working faster or harder. The best way to improving and seeing results is to train at the right intensity. With a heart rate monitor, you can make sure you’re not over or under training, and make each session count. Use a heart rate watch as your wrist-based personal trainer, motivating you each and every time you train.

As the inventors of the first heart rate monitor for training over 30 years ago, Polar is truly the specialist in this field. Since then they have been leading this category, and the world’s top specialists have been working on the most accurate and intelligent training computers and heart rate based features.

What makes Polar truly unique is that their features give guidance based on your personal information, and individual heart rate and its variation. The state-of-the-art intelligence of Polar products can tell you how much, how often and how hard to train. This is why so many top athletes use Polar training computers. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from heart rate monitoring. Exercisers at all fitness levels can benefit from the motivational aspects of knowing how hard you are working based on your maximum heart rate, and seeing how your fitness level improves over time.

Watch this video for more information on the value of using a heart rate watch when you work out.

HealthStyles Exercise Equipment carries a variety of heart rate monitors. Stop by your local HealthStyles Showroom and talk to one of our fitness consultants to find out what Polar Heart Rate Monitor matches your fitness level and goals.

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