Don’t Fall Back …Fall Into Fitness


It’s the fall, leaves are turning, weather is changing and school is in full swing. Our schedules tend to get hectic this time of year with work and school activities and the long days of summer well behind us. Our sense of time changes, it gets darker earlier and now is a good time to make sure we have a plan in place to manage our health and fitness. We will need to establish a routine and give ourselves plenty of workout options to handle the changes in season with workouts moving indoors. Here are some ideas to help you manage the changing seasons and avoid Fall backs or set-backs!

Establish a new fall workout routine! This is a fun way to try a new workout regime, new group exercise class or activity and let that be the motivation to keep you going strong! Check out the classes your gym or community center offers and go for it! Incorporate gym/exercise time with family time to keep the whole family active!

Set a fall goal! Start training now for a Holiday 5K or 10K or create a family weight loss challenge to lose weight before the holidays and to maintain weight during the holiday season! Short term goals are essential to our long term success!!

Check-Up Time! It is time for your annual check-ups. Keep the gear and equipment that keeps you in shape in great condition. Check your treadmill, indoor bike, elliptical or home gym for signs of wear. Regular maintenance such as lubricating treadmill belts and home gym guide rods will keep your equipment, and you going strong! Check with your local exercise equipment store to have a service tech do a maintenance check on your equipment to make sure everything is working properly and good to go for fall!

Trade-Ins and Upgrades: Maybe it’s time to replace your old equipment with a new piece that offers you variability and flexibility with your workouts. Exercise equipment, like most technology, has come a long way in the last 5-10 years and there are some truly awesome new, innovative pieces out there! Some specialty equipment retail stores offer trade in credit for old equipment, and the fall is traditionally a great time to get awesome prices as we head into the holiday season and New Year’s models! Often times a new piece of equipment with lots of options is just the motivation you need to get you through the indoor season!

Re-write your favorite fall recipes! Make soups, stews and warming comfort foods more healthy. Aim to incorporate seasonal foods for flavor, freshness and an upgrade to your traditional fall menu!

Hire a Pro! Working with a personal trainer is an excellent way to jump start your fall workouts! Ask about a start-up program or program design offer. Often working with a trainer short term can lead to long term adherence and success! Many trainers offer buddy training, which is a great way to cut costs and train with a friend! Give the gift of training sessions or special programs to others who may need a little help getting a routine established.

Tonja Hadley, MA, CSCS
Personal Trainer
Loveland Store Manager
HealthStyles Exercise Equipment

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