What’s Happening in the World of Fitness Equipment?


What’s Happening in the World of Fitness Equipment?

The 2010 Health and Fitness Business Trade Show was held in Las Vegas last month and the owners and regional managers of HealthStyles Exercise Equipment went to the show, eager to see what was new and innovative for the upcoming year.

Ellipticals continue to dominate the cardiovascular category with Octane dominating both in sales volume as well as satisfaction rating from dealers and customers. Their new Cross Circuit Program on the Q37 and 47ci models has been a big hit and the seated elliptical category continues to grow in popularity.

Landice E7 Elliptimill Elliptical TrainerLandice, well known for their top rated best buy treadmills, rolled out their redesigned ElliptiMill elliptical trainer which had a great response. With commercial grade construction, adjustable stride, smooth and quiet elliptical movement, and unbeatable lifetime warranty, the ElliptiMill should prove to be a great addition to the HealthStyles lineup of ellipticals.

Vision Fitness also got onto the elliptical bandwagon with their new X20 and X30 ellipticlals. These newly designed ellipticals will replace the Vision 1500 and 6000 ellipticals, and have a great feel to them with a 20 inch stride, 2 inch pedal spacing, upgraded ergo handles and all at affordable pricing starting at under $1000. These will be on the HealthStyles showroom floors very soon.

Functional Training continues to be the direction for strength training equipment. This means that the popularity of functional trainers and hybrid gyms continues to grow. The VF-XT by Vectra, G7 by Life Fitness, F5 and F7 by Torque, and the V6 by Hoist Fitness are all on the cutting edge because of their ability to replicate the normal activities of daily living in addition to sports specific activities for focused athletic training.

Spri Step360ProCore strength training was also a big focus for exhibitors and attendees of the Health & Fitness Business show. Athletic trainers have known for many years the importance of training not just the abdominal muscles, but all of the muscle groups that stabilize the spine and pelvis, but the buzz has now hit the fitness industry and the main stream fitness media. Good core strength leads to greater efficiency of movement, better body control and balance, and improved athletic performance. The trade show was full of accessories and equipment to assist in core strength training, from exercise balls to weighted medicine balls, to balance boards, to the increasingly popular Bosu ball. The Step 360Pro by SPRI was a big topic of excitement at the Show. It is a new versatile balance training device much like the Bosu, but with a more stable platform. The Step360Pro will be available later this Fall at HealthStyles, along with all the other essential core strength training accessories.

The fitness industry continues to grow and evolve, and HealthStyles strives to bring our customers the latest innovations that are backed by solid research from quality manufacturers with proven track records. We will continue to add to our fitness and product knowledge, along with our product offerings so that we can best serve the HealthStyles customer base far into the future.

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