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The xR4 broadens your options in the recumbent elliptical category, featuring challenging, motivating programs, a total body workout and fluid motion in a sleek, ergonomically correct package. Experience incredible workouts that deliver great results!

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Octane Fitness xR4ci Seated Elliptical Trainer

Total Body Workouts in a Compact Package

The new xR4 delivers a powerful, results-driven workout in a sleek, compact package for your home. With Power Stroke technology, smooth elliptical motion and moving handlebars, you will experience greater muscle engagement, burn more calories than on a typical recumbent bike, and see the results you want - a better workout and a better body.

The xR4 broadens your options in the recumbent elliptical category, featuring challenging, motivating programs, a total body workout and fluid motion in a sleek, ergonomically correct package. Experience incredible workouts that deliver great results!


xR4: Compact Packaging with Full-sized Results

  • Power Stroke technology: delivers power through the legs, driving you to a great workout
  • Moving handlebars: provide a total body workout and help you burn 23% more calories than on a typical recumbent bike
  • Smooth elliptical motion: provides a great natural feel for a better workout
  • Muscle Endurance: expands your workout with variety of motion and increased resistance
  • Leg Press: focuses on lower-body only intervals to build leg strength and power
  • Chest Press: challenges and develops your upper body with arms-only resistance sets
  • Heart rate monitoring and heart rate controlled programs on the xR4ci: keep you informed and 'in the zone' for a better, safer workout
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seat: lets you adjust both height and tilt to provide correct seated posture and comfort
  • Compact design: fits in your space and makes it easy to get on and off the machine from either side
  • MOM Mode: restricts movement so little ones cannot easily move pedals

Upper-Body Challenge

The smooth, natural-feeling arm motion of the xR4 handlebars provides a great upper-body workout and challenges you to higher levels of overall fitness. Engaging both the upper and lower body burns more calories and helps you see results faster. The xR4 offers these great features to enhance upper-body development:

  • Moving handlebars engage chest, shoulders and arms and get your whole body pumping and burning those calories
  • Chest Press workout booster integrates challenging power-building sessions focused on the chest, arms and back
  • Built-in foot platform lets you put your feet up and focus solely on upper-body movement and muscle development

Lower Body Driven to Results

Octane's exclusive Power Stroke technology drives you to a better workout... develop the leg strength and lower body tone that you crave with these great features:

  • Leg Press workout booster adds strength training benefits to your cardio workout with focused 'legs only' resistance sets to tone glutes and legs
  • Power Stroke technology delivers more muscle engagement: up to 343% more glute activity than a standard recumbent bike, according to university studies
  • Oversize pedals can be pedaled forwards or backwards with variety and comfort in foot placement
  • 20 seat height positions and 5 tilt settings facilitate comfort and proper exercise position for most users

Electronics - Variety, Motivation, and Information

The xR4 console electronics and pre-programmed workouts give you the information you need to vary your workouts, monitor your performance and keep your focus. Great features include:

  • Preset programs: 8 on the xR4c and 12 on the xR4ci provide challenging workouts that hold your interest and keep you challenged
  • Customizable goal programs: you determine your workout with routines that you program to fit your needs
  • Heart rate monitoring with contact grips on the stationary handlebars lets you easily monitor your heart rate and manage your effort for safe, effective exercise
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring and 4 customizable heart rate programs on the xR4ci provide even greater workout challenge and control
  • Muscle Endurance: your own 'personal trainer' prompts you to variety and greater muscle engagement through various exercise positions and speeds
  • Leg Press: work your legs and glutes with this challenging workout booster
  • Chest Press: put your feet up and let your upper body do the work

Unsurpassed Quality

Every Octane Fitness standing or seated elliptical cross trainer is made to exacting standards with only the best components and expert craftsmanship. During our quest to develop the ultimate elliptical cross trainer, we continuously tested our design for ergonomics and durability. Before we even built units, we were performing computer simulation testing, called finite element analysis (FEA).

We put prototype units on robotic testers to simulate the rigors of heavy use all day, every day. Then we moved into health clubs, where we encouraged exercisers to use and abuse prototype and production units.

Because Octane Fitness stands for excellence, quality is assured with continuous (24/7) robotics testing.

Key Mechanical Features

  • Total Body
  • Contour seatback
  • Water bottle/accessory holders
  • Seat tilt adjustments: 5
  • Seat height adjustments: 15

Electronic Features

  • Quick Start
  • My Quick Starts
  • Cool Down
  • MOM Mode
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors
  • Polar Wireless heart rate monitor
  • HeartLogic Intelligence
  • Now-Zone
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Number of Programs: 12


Preset resistance programs

  • Manual
  • Random
  • Custom Interval
  • Beginner

Heart rate-controlled

  • Fat Burn
  • Cardio
  • Heart Rate Custom Interval
  • 30:30 Interval

Goal programs

  • 350 Calories
  • 750 Calories
  • 10K
  • 1/2 Marathon

Workout Boosters

  • Chest Press
  • Muscle Endurance
  • Leg Press


  • Max user weight: 300 lbs
  • Footprint: 35in x 53in
  • Product weight: 196 lbs


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Parts: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 year

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